Technology of the Höllenblitz

The “Höllenblitz” is the largest indoor roller coaster in the world. The sound system with over 100 loudspeakers as well as a light and laser show set new standards. 1,800 litres of water per minute tumble down the 30-meter-high waterfall.

Numerous spotlights immerse the hell lightning in a breathtaking atmosphere in the evening. In 2020, all passenger trains were completely renewed, including new upholstery and new brakes that can feed back electricity in a grid-compatible manner.

That makes the “Höllenblitz”, together with the over a million LEDs for the lighting effects and the new, energy-efficient motors - an environmentally conscious attraction. The entire system was rebuilt in accordance with DIN 13814/13849 and is again setting technical standards.

  • Travel time: around 2.5 minutes
  • Speed: 79 km / h
  • Track length 860 meters
  • Required space: 49.00 x 29.00 meters
  • Power connection: 380kW (220 kW + 160kW)
  • Transports: 26 (29 including crew and caravans)
  • 1x caravan: 13.50m x 4.50m
  • 1x team container: 12.00m x 4.50m
  • 1x team container: 13.50 m x 3.00 m
  • 1x sanitary container: 6.00m x 3.00m
  • 1 truck crane, 3 articulated lorries,
    2 side loaders 12 m x 2.50 m, 5 baggage cars

The 600t heavy ride can be found on the area of 49m x 29m. The hall, which is up to 32m high, offers 45,000 cubic meters of pure leisure time fun. At the front there is a 300 square meter rock wall, here 1,800 cubic meters of water plunge 20 meters per minute into the depth.

In contrast to other rides, the “Höllenblitz” is designed all around and can therefore be placed anywhere on the fairground,
because it is an attraction for every fair from all sides.


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