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A ride on Indiana Jones’ tracks

Deep abysses, seething lava, 30m high waterfall, explosions or thick fog – that is the “Höllenblitz”. At 80 kilometres an hour, the 860-meter-long route through the old mine is a breathtaking adventure journey with great sound effects and one of the most modern laser shows.

The “Höllenblitz” is the largest indoor roller coaster in the world – in the dark and without loops.“The facility is at amusement park level,” say critics. Klaus Renoldi jr. is a fan of the Indiana Jones movie, so he wanted to recreate a fast-paced indoor roller coaster ride in an old mine. The ambitious project with the elaborate decoration and technology has to be transportable in the end.

After two years of planning, he had managed to turn his dream of an attractive ride into reality. The “Höllenblitz” was set up on the “Cannstatter Wasen” for the first time in 2007 and – to the delight of Renoldi jr. many visitors also liked the topic.

Technical challenge

The predecessor “Star World” was completely rebuilt for the “Höllenblitz”. New rails, new gondolas in the form of mining carts and, above all, a new design were required. Much was built in the family business itself. Chainsaws were used to create the 300-square-meter rock made of Styrofoam, on which a waterfall plunges 30 meters down.

A lot of attention was paid to details, such as the mountain huts, suspension bridges, support beams or the wooden shaft from which the roller coaster plunges into the depths. Here the route was changed into a shot drive through the entire front - that gives the special kick. In the first gondola of the “train of minecarts” sits Rusty, an imperturbable old miner who enjoys the parkour. In the evening everything is skilfully staged with spotlights. Two large LED screens show, among other things, film sequences from the respective city and inspire the visitors. In contrast to other rides, the “Höllenblitz” is designed all around, including on the sides and on the back. It attracts interested visitors from all sides. Inside, the indoor roller coaster is a technical masterpiece.

Over 100 loudspeakers spread the sound effects, 1 million LEDs and pyrotechnics ensure action. The family business spent around 8 million euros on “Höllenblitz”. Incidentally, the idea for the name “Höllenblitz” also came from the family – from many ideas collected, this one remained the best in the end.

Logistic challenge

The entire ride weighs 600 tons, and it is dismantled and reassembled with our own truck-mounted crane. If the moving time between two locations is short, up to three additional truck-mounted cranes can help out.

With 30 truck trips, the entire “Höllenblitz” is implemented. That means: special permits for certain roads and trips on weekends - a lot of paperwork. And in each state, there are different regulations. Usually, enough time is planned between two venues, but the record is only four days.

The well-rehearsed team consists of 30 employees, even at a height of 20 meters they assemble the heavy steel parts with great sensitivity to the centimetre.

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